Re: Marieholm IF/26

From: Jens Schönemann-Paul - D143, "Stine" af Struer, Denmark
Date: 1999-10-15
Time: 09:34:51


The question has been discussed before on these pages, but unfortunately in Swedish and Danish.

Marik gives you most of the answers, but I'm not shure he's right about the heigth of the freeboard. Some of my friends have the Marieholm 26 "Tequilla", and when she is lying beside my "Stine" the gunwales are at almost exactly the same height.

Please take a look on the picture:

<IMG SRC="">

(M25 to the left and IF to the right)

There are one more Marieholm variant called Marieholm 261, which have a higher freeboard - in fact the extention is above the gunwale as the deckmodule is completely modified comparede to the IF.

About the displacement I don't think that the difference is as high as 450 kg, but it's a fact that it is higher and the the IF is faster. This differece is also caused by the quite big propeller on the Marieholm 26.

You can se more pictures of "Tequila" and "Stine" at <>. The page is a part of the Struer Seascout hompage <>

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