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Spinnaker dimensions

Postat: 07 maj 2022 08:19
av Pancho
Hi All,
I am looking at buying a second hand spinnaker for cruising and there are some advertised locally.

Does anyone know the approximate luff and foot dimensions of the one design spinnaker. I know the area is 36.3 m2 but those advertised simply have luff and foot measurements listed, so it would be useful to know.

Thanks. James

Re: Spinnaker dimensions

Postat: 07 maj 2022 09:45
av maja
For any Class dimension, please refer to the class rules and drawings, which are found here >> .

The pages can be translated to most common language using the built in translator (click on the flag on the right upper corner )

In this case:

Spinnaker Luff and Leach : max 8,27 metres
Spinnaker Foot and Half Width : max 4,55 metres

The measurements are taken as shown in the World Sailing's Equipment Rules of Sailing, but for approxiamte values, just use a 10 metre tape ruler and measure from corner to corner and across from midpoint to midpoint of leech and luff.

The area of the sail is not considered to be a Class measurement . This mainly dependent on that one have to agree to a formula of calculation, and different formulas give different values.