IF-Boat history

The IF-Boat was designed in 1967 by Tord Sundén. In 1970 the IF-boat was accepted as One Design class by the Swedish Sailing Federation.

The IF-Boat was manufactured at Marieholms Bruk in Småland. Boats has also been manufactured in Australia on licence from Marieholms Bruk.

Among the Swedish manufactured boats about 2225 are sold in Sweden. The rest have been exported abroad, mainly to Germany (390), Denmark (325), Norway (135), USA (125), Switzerland (120), and Australia (100). The last fresh from the factory IF-Boat was sold in Sweden December 28th 1984 and it had sailnumber 3488.  During the years, also a number of second hand boats have been exported, as the price in Sweden in general is more favourable for a foreign buyer. The boat is robust and has a good second hand value. Most people feel that the boat never loose value. You nowadays find good boats for 30.000 -45.000 kr (SEK).

Diagram of the number manufactured IF-boats in Sweden