Mast base replacement

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Mast base replacement

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a replacement for my broken mast base. I could hardly find anything suitable. I would very much appreciate if you could help me to find it.

Here are the photos of my broken detail:
IMG_6728.JPG (77.68 KiB) Visad 6517 gånger
IMG_0635.JPG (96.41 KiB) Visad 6517 gånger
IMG_2749.JPG (133.88 KiB) Visad 6517 gånger
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Re: Mast base replacement

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All such parts are out of production since many years ago.

If you have still got the peice which was broken off, you may ask some workshop good in welding cast iron and ask for a repair.

You can also put an advertisement on our marketplace . Maybe somebody has taken off parts from a broken mast.You may also get in contact with , a company which scraps boats.
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Re: Mast base replacement

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I am not sure but I think that part is made of cast aluminium. To weld that seems to need a skilled person with the right equipment. Very thorough cleaning, then preheat and TIG welding.

You can look for information on welding cast aluminium. Here's one example: ... um.421492/
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Re: Mast base replacement

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A reflection on wath caused the break at the mastfoot, mast base, beacause I have the same type. When you look at the hole that is still intact, which is oval to the shape, where you can clearly see that the surface in the lower part of the hole shows that there was a mechanical influence there. This hole with bolt and nut secures the mast`s longitudinal position. If the mast has then been trimmed in a position where the bolt has been pressed against the lower surface of the hole, wihich constitutes a stress for which the material is probably not designed. If this is the cause of the crime, just a guess, which would be interesting to get an idea of.

L-Å Andersson
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