About the IF-boat

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The IF-Boat is one of the largest one design classes. It is spread all over the country. Racing with IF-Boat can thus be done in one design class at several locations. The location for the Swedish Championship (SM) arrangment is rotating between the West Coast and East Coast of Sweden, so that most sailors will have the possibility of competing about the Swedish Championship near the own region.

The IF-Boat is on the winners´ stand, both concerning the number of championship participants and number of starting boats in SRS (Swedish Rating System) races. International championship races are arranged in all of the three Nordic countries. Wherever a championship is arranged, it is always gathering a large starting fields.

More than 2000 IF-Boats sold in Sweden creates a large second hand market for both boats, sails and other IF-specific equipment. This and the simplicity and comprehensiveness of the boat, it makes an unbeaten economic alternative to for instance youth and other enthusiastic racing sailors with meagre wallets.

The IF-Boat is also a safe cruising- and long distance boat. It has been crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the Nordic See several times. It is secure and easy to sail and carrys its´ sails in all weathers.